Artificial Intelligence MCQs

Artificial Intelligence MCQs: MCQ On Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence MCQs. AI (Artificial Intelligence) MCQs for beginners, advanced and experienced students.


1- What is Artificial Intelligence ??

(A) Putting your intelligence in Machine

(B) Programming on Machine with your Own Intelligence

(C) Playing a game on Computer

(D) Making a machine Intelligent


2- The most appropriate situation for a blind search to use is ??

(A) Small Search Space

(B) Complex game

(C) Real-life situation

(D) None of these


3- If a robot is able to change its own trajectory as per the external conditions so then the robot is considered as what ??

(A) Non-Servo

(B) Sharp

(C) Intelligent

(D) Mobile


4- To describe the judgemental and commense part of problem-solving, the term used is known as ??

(A) Value-Based


(C) Critical

(D) All of these


5- In the manufacturing process what stage has been described as “The mapping of function onto form” ??

(A) Project Management

(B) Design

(C) Distribution

(D) None of these


6- What was called “The Imitation Game” by its created ??


(B) Cybernetics

(C) Option (a) and (b)

(D) Turing Test


7- From the given options, which language generally not used for Artificial Intelligence ??

(A) Perl

(B) Python


(D) Ruby


8- A technique was developed to check if a machine could or could not be able to demonstrate the AI. The technique is known as ??

(A) Algorithm

(B) Boolean Algebra

(C) Turing Test

(D) Pseudocode


9- Which of these is the component of an Expert system ??

(A) User Interface UI

(B) Knowledge Base

(C) Inference Base

(D) All of the above 


10- Decision support programs are designed because _____ ??

(A) They help managers to make vacation schedules

(B) They help managers to make business decisions

(C) They help in visual presentations

(D) None of the following


Artificial Intelligence MCQs


11- PROLOG is a programming language used for Artificial Intelligence ??

(A) True

(B) False


12- A team of specialists who developed PROLOG language at the University of Marseilles was headed by ??

(A) John McCarthy

(B) Seymour Papert

(C) Alain Colmerauer

(D) None of these


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