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Android MCQS | Android MCQs and Answers

ANDROID MCQs | Online Android MCQs with Answers


Android Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with answers. These MCQs will help you to enhance your knowledge about Android Development. The right answer is highlighted in every MCQ and you can see the answers at the bottom of the page as well. For Android interview questions visit here




1- Who Developed Android?

(A) Google

(B) Apple 

(C) Android Inc



2- Why Android is Developed?

(A) For Servers

(B) For Desktops

(C) For Mobile Devices

(D) For Laptops


3- What method do we use to kill an Activity

(A) onResume()

(B) finish()

(C) onStart()

(D) kill()


4- What is ANR

(A) A Fragment

(B) An Activity name

(C) Feedback Dialog

(D) Application Not Responding


5- AAPT stands for

(A) Android Asset Packaging Technique

(B) Android Asset Packaging Tool

(C) Android Asset Provider Tool

(D) Android Asset Processing Tool


6- What is an APK

(A) Android Packaging Kit

(B) All in one Pack

(C) An Android Package

(D) None of the above


7- Android is ______ based Operating System

(A) Java

(B) Linux

(C) Mac

(D) Windows


8- What is an Activity?

(A)  a single screen with UI

(B) a Layout

(C) a Fragment

(D) None of the above


9- In Android, what is an Interface?

(A) a Class

(B) Layout File

(C) a Function

(D) Works like a bridge between class and the outside world


10- What is the name of Android version 1.5

(A) Eclair

(B) Cupcake

(C) Donut

(D) Pie



1- (C) Android Inc

2- (C) For Mobile Devices

3- (B) finish()

4- (D) Application Not Responding

5- (B) Android Asset Packaging Tool

6- (A) Android Packaging Kit

7- (B) Linux

8- (A)  a single screen with UI

9- (D) Works like a bridge between class and the outside world

10- (B) Cupcake


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