Android MCQ Questions And answers: Android MCQs

Android MCQ Questions And answers. Android Multiple Choice Questions for Beginners and Advanced levels with explanation. See 200+ Android MCQs

Android MCQ Questions And answers


Android is developed by ??

a) Android Inc
b) Google
c) Microsoft
d) Apple


What is an activity in android ??

a) a single screen in an application with supporting java code
b) android package
c) android class
d) None of the above


What is splash screen in android ??

a) Initial service of an application
b) Initial screen of an application
c) Initial method of an application
d) Initial activity of an application


Android web browser is based on ??

a) Firefox
b) Safari
c) Chrome
d) Open-source Webkit


Android MCQ Questions And answers


Which programming language is used for Android Application Development ??

a) NodeJs
b) Java/Kotlin
c) PHP
d) JSX


For creating user interface in Android you have to use ??

a) Eclipse
b) Java And XML
c) Java And SQL
d) Java And Pl/SQL


What does the src folder contain ??

a) Image and icon files
b) XML resource files
c) The application manifest file
d) Java source code files


What is Manifest.xml in Android ??

a) It has the information about activities in an application
b) It has information about layout in an application
c) It has all the information about an application
d) None of the above


What are the layouts available in Android ??

a) Relative Layout
b) Frame Layout
c) Linear Layout
d) All of the above Layouts


Android MCQ Questions And answers


What is the function of emulator in android ??

a) It is used as a target device for testing of an Android app on PC
b) It is used to locate the errors in the program
c) It separately displays the Java and XML code
d) None of the above


What is APK in android ??

a) Android pack
b) Android packages
c) Android Package Kit
d) None of above


What is application class in android ??

a) A class that can create only an object
b) Anonymous class
c) Java class
d) Base class for all classes


The directory made for xml file during android app development is ??

a) res/layout
b) res/values
c) AndroidManifest.xml
d) Build.gradle


Android SMS is stored in which format ??

a) PDU
b) text
d) machine language


Android MCQ Questions And answers


For creating google map which method is overridden ??

a) setMapType()
b) onMapReady()
c) setUpMap()
d) createMap()


What is the life cycle of services in android ??

a) Service life cycle is same as activity life cycle
b) final()
c) onRecieve()
d) onCreate()−>onStartCommand()−>onDestory()


How to get current location in Android ??

a) Using with GPRS
b) Using location provider
c) SQlite
d) both (a) and (b)


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